Very young, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and Bob Dylan created by Marianne Brits-Strodl

I was introduced to art by my father who took me through our family bible which was made up of etchings of famous works of art which depicted the story of the old and new testament.  My mother then introduced me the various artists of the renaissance, classic period, romantics and her favourite, impressionism.

I drew from a very young age and wanted to become an artist but my mother alsways advised against this and pointed out how most artists were not appreciated in theoir life times and ofetn died penniless and unappreciated. Sadly there were no patrons of the arts as found during the Reniessance and artists from the modern era were either wildly successful like Picasso or died penniless like Vincent van Gough.

She succeeded in moving me away from a career in fine art and I went into sensible financial services and teaching advisers as a method of feeding myself and my family, but I developed a passion for music and retained my love of fine art to remain sane.

My passion today is for the romantic artists, Japanese ink sketches and artist operating in graphic novels and fantasy art but I love and appreciate all work using graphics to motivate, inspire and excite.

Today artists are found working as graphic designers, commercial artists with a few trying to make a living as fine artists and this page is dedicated to all SA artists who create images using traditional and modern technology to create images which amuse, enthuse and inspire us today.

Shaun Welgemoed