Mark Gibbens

I met this creative and prolific sketch artist on a Joe Bonamassa FB group where he had been uploading wonderful sketches of Joe to the site. We exchanged some messages and then he posted this:

A fantasy picture of Ray Strodl jamming with Joe Bonamassa by Mark Gibbens

On his face book page he is constantly posting drawings every day and I enclose a sample of some the music related pictures

Check out more of his work at:


A pensive Jimi Hendrix

A crusty Keith Richards

“Black wind Howling” was arranging a concert to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the sad death of Robert Johnson and I requested a picture of him and he sent this for us to use. It is possibly one of my favourite pictures of him copied from one of the few pictures available of this King of the Delta blues, who reportedly went down to the crossroads to make a deal with Lucifer to gain his amazing skill on the acoustic blues guitar.

Robert Johnson the king of the delta blues by Mark Gibbens

You will find a large number of his sketches in this website and my blog.