I am starting to write pieces for the Getphat – friends of SA creative individuals website. The plan will be to include South African or South African linked musicians, artists, writers, poets, photographers, film makers, sound engineers, producers, actors, dancers and the creative individuals. We will also include venues, promoters and managers who support and help provide a creative outlet for these talents.

The requirement for inclusion will be that I have seen your act or work and can appropriately comment on their work. This website will not be critiquing the artists work as there are many sites that currently do this and will rather be focussed on providing a showcase on the individual artists, their background, influences and creative output. It will also not be focussing on scandal or the cult of celebrity that has become so common. Once I have posted anything about you and your art I will advise you of it being up and will welcome feedback or additional information, I post anything you do not like I will remove it or correct it immediately.

We also will focus on individuals rather than bands or groups in the pages of this website. Bands, shows, festivals or events will be covered in the post or blogging section of this website, while the pages will focus on the individuals who make up or support these groups.

I will be working through my face book creative friends and using these as a starting point for content, digging into my photos and those of few close photographers to make things look interesting, and then I may be contacting them for input if I need more information or photos.

If I have not included you due to us not having seen your work, please let us know and we will certainly try to get someone to see your work or show, take some pictures and include you in the site.